Combased Whitepaper


Combased takes advantage of the decentralized and reliable Web3 technology and develops solutions to implement non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in eCommerce business based on the Web2 framework. Our intention is to make this as simple and friendly as possible, as well as to create a quick and intuitive ecosystem that benefits everyone.

NFT technology both with Web3 is growing rapidly and we strongly believe that it will be influential in the impact and upgrade of the eCommerce industry. The technology is there, the numbers are there and it is now just a matter of time until NFT technology both with Web3 will reach mainstream adoption as more and more Web2 based eCommerce businesses realize the value behind this technology and what is fundamentally lacking in the Web2 world.

Web3 and NFTs are already massively impacting the eCommerce market, which is a trend that will only accelerate in pace. Online shops can utilize NFTs to increase their sales and gamify the buying process, however, the Web3 implementation in Web2 is still in its infancy, though, and there are many things to improve such as simplifying the creation of NFT collection without technical knowledge and integration into the eCommerce processes.

We exist because of our willingness to create products where customers will be able to use the Web3 technology both with NFTs & easily implement it in Web2. In due course, we will develop a sustainable bridge between Web2 and Web3 by aligning them.

We believe that the implementation of Web3 based solutions in Web2 based eCommerce is going to be huge and reach mainstream adoption.


Statement 1: Ethereum is expensive.

NFTs started its run on the Ethereum network and the biggest NFTs projects live on Ethereum, but to mint a collection over there is pretty expensive. Minting an NFT on Ethereum will generally cost between $60 and $250, depending on the time of day and the stress on the network. Fees can be way, way higher, too.

Ever since the heyday of Ethereum, congestion, environmental issues, and high gas fees have been clear obstacles to the growth of NFT technology. 90% of NFT minting happens on Ethereum, and as NFTs become more popular, the Ethereum network has seen a considerable amount of workload, elevating gas fees to hundreds of dollars per transaction, which causes a fundamental barrier in the mainstream adoption of the greater NFT technology.

Statement 2: Blockchains are not ready for mass adoption including Web2 based eCommerce

Blockchains such as Elrond, Solana, Tezos, or Kusama are way friendlier to NFTs artists and merchants. With their low (almost zero) gas fees they gain more and more traction over time which will enable these Layer one solutions to assert dominance over Ethereum in the future.

Nonetheless, merchants are facing the problem that there is no such solution as a launchpad that allows the implementation of Web3 based features in Web2 based eCommerce businesses.

Statement 3: Blockchains are not united

Unity helps blockchains grow swiftly. If it would be able to implement different blockchain technology more easily - all blockchains including Web3 technology would get more adoption which may increase overall growth in blockchain technology.

However, merchants or NFT artists may be willing to launch their NFT collections on different blockchains because of their community diversity or because of other beliefs and they should have the ability to do so.

However, there is no single simple dApp based launchpad that unites different blockchains technologies and provides such an ability for NFT creators or merchants. Combased dApp based launchpad will unite different blockchains such as Elrond, Solana, Tezos, Kusama, etc., because of their popularity and effectiveness so it will help merchants utilize one launchpad using different blockchains.

Problems we strive to solve

  1. Web3 based solutions are not properly developed and connected with Web2 based eCommerce. Putting Web3 and Web2 together in the eCommerce field will make it more likely for people to use new technologies-based solutions for things like shopping. Famous brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Coqlicorne, or even Gary Vaynerchuk for selling his books have already invested in NFT technology to enhance their business & sales using Web3 solutions. Smaller online businesses should also have the same ability to implement NFT technology for attracting new customers or increasing the loyalty of existing ones. In this decade, most customers will be willing to receive not only useless fungible tokens such as loyalty points that have purposes to increase their loyalty but non-fungible tokens that have a much higher value for both customers and businesses.

  2. The gap between NFT artists or merchants and blockchain technology is huge. Most of them do not have the blockchain-based knowledge to successfully launch the NFT collection on the selected blockchain or implement and use Web3 based solutions. Blockchain networks need to have an infrastructure for NFT artists and merchants who are willing to launch NFT collections on the selected blockchain and implement it in business processes. NFT creators should only do their best work — create art that actually improves the world—rather than wasting time on things that are outside of their expertise.

  3. Blockchains are not united by themselves. There is a huge gap between the different blockchains, so if you are willing to migrate from one blockchain to another, it is fairly complicated. The NFT artists or merchants should migrate to other blockchain-based dApp launchpads and start to create the NFT collection both with implementation processes from scratch. Combased seeks to unite blockchains and create Web3 solutions that will be implemented in all the popular blockchains, so any customer will not need to invest time in migrating to other marketplaces because of the lack of an ability to select a blockchain. An additional advantage to easier interoperability is that migrating between blockchains provides an ability for blockchains to scale more because people are more willing to try to use a different blockchain because it is easy to get started. Having a united launchpad will help blockchains improve the whole blockchain ecosystem.

Our vision

We strive to make Web3 technology available for any Web2 based eCommerce business, in the same way, helping NFT artists to launch their NFT collections and scale them without much effort.

As a team of experienced blockchain developers and business inventors with a background in eCommerce, we strive to simplify the barrier between Web2 and Web3 by creating the whole infrastructure for merchants and, in the same way, ensuring NFT collection owners are able to launch NFTs collection on the selected blockchain without much effort.

We are focusing on Web3 eCommerce solutions that can be implemented in eCommerce based on the Web2 framework today.

Our values

One of the main criteria of development is simplicity. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you will be amazed at how easy it is.

Also, we have some core principles that help us provide the best quality products to you:

  • Constantly evolving. Today we developed a solution you will use tomorrow.

  • We are transparent. Ask anything you want and you will be amazed how open we are.

  • We develop value. Our customers must get the exact value from our solutions. Without providing value, we can not create sustainable products.

  • Community. We strive to attract the open-minded community around us that supports, creates, grows, and evolves.

  • Carbon neutral. We seek to leave our world clean after ourselves.

Combased NFTs Collection

Combased NFTs is a collection of 5,000 randomly auto-generated Combeys, Combots, and Combiens. Each of these characters has a different supply amount and traits to create rarity & exclusiveness.

As we were developing our Shopify app to Mint & List NFTs, we decided to launch the NFTs collection and create utility, and in a sense “walk the talk” and be an exemplar. In the process, we started developing other solutions to align Web2 & Web3 with what are coming more benefits & utilities for each NFT owner.


This is the most important part which can determine the success or failure of Combased. We dedicate ourselves to build a community that is supportive, transparent, open-minded, and shares the same vision.

How it all started?

It all started in late December 2021 as we were close to the submission of our Shopify app. One of our co-founders was into NFTs space, especially the Elrond Network so we brainstormed possible benefits for the company of launching our NFTs collection. Mid-January we launched a pre-sale of 25 Combeys which were sold out in a couple of days and from there we quickly gained exposure as a team that has an NFTs collection with benefits that aren’t anywhere else.


NFTs are just PNG/JPEG images. What comes above that is determined by the owners of the collection. Most collections rely on future utilities like Metaverse implementation or native token airdrops. To mention such utilities doesn’t take much time, you build hype & develop partnerships. But we at Combased see a huge problem - people mostly follow the hype and trade a huge amount of their hard-earned cryptocurrencies like eGLD for a hyped-up NFT project that often has a high risk of a rug-pull or even a drastic drop in value due to an unsustainable model.

We at Combased build solutions, our benefits for NFTs collection owners are around the solutions we build. Want to get access to other exclusive projects? Get an NFT. Want to use our products for cheaper? Get an NFT. Want to build passive income? Get an NFT. Want to be a part of what’s being developed? Get an NFT.

We differentiate from other NFTs collections a lot. We rely on our solutions and our NFTs collection is an add-on to all we do. There is a quick brief of benefits & utility we have developed/are developing with the amount of NFTs you need to hold to receive that benefit.

NFT holder’s benefits

The benefits of the NFT collection for Combased

We believe that community is key to successful business development. One of the main core intentions of launching an NFT collection on Elrond Network was to attract open-minded individuals who would love to participate and build Combased together. Combased builds solutions with NFTs, so by launching NFT Collection we discover what our customer needs from the customer perspective and how merchants can implement NFTs in the eCommerce business.

Monetization of NFTs collection

All the NFTs collection earnings are received from:

  • Minting NFTs;

  • 10% royalties.

Uses of revenue:

  • 5% is for Combased Club - It is a closed community of members that contribute for the sake & growth of Combased.

  • 50% is for Combased CDO wallet - the Combased CDO wallet is distributed to Combased NFT holders.

  • 45% is for Combased - The company takes it to continue its activities and develop further.


Combased’s focus is to make Web3 technology available for any Web2 based eCommerce business, in the same way, helping NFT artists to launch their NFT collections and scale them without much effort. All solutions we develop relate to blockchain technologies.

Product: Shopify app


Combased Shopify app is dedicated to Shopify merchants who are willing to integrate NFTs in their eCommerce store or for NFTs artists who are striving to sell their collections using Shopify and take ownership of user experience.


A user-friendly app dashboard will allow users to mint an NFT, then import it in the Shopify store as a product, and eventually after a successful transaction transfer it into the new owner's wallet.

Unique selling propositions

Because of the Combased team experience in the eCommerce-based Web2 framework we exactly know what are the user needs especially from the eCommerce customer's perspective, so Combased constantly will upgrade the app with the functionalities based on the Web3 framework like NFTs that are needed to grow eCommerce on Shopify in the most user-friendly way.


Implementing NFTs technology in your marketing strategy, can ensure your eCommerce business growth, increase lifetime value and attract new customers because of the interest in the NFTs. More and more customers will be interested in receiving or purchasing an NFT related to the brand or any product they bought to highlight a limited collection or owning something one of one.

Why our product?

We know how busy eCommerce entrepreneurs are, so the Shopify app will provide only the best customer experience without any issues. Saving every second of merchant time, we promise to deliver functional & trusted products.


Shopify app has 3 subscription plans which include a fixed fee plus commissions per NFT distribution.


  • Basic - $59/month and 6% commission on each NFT distribution

  • Startup - $200/month and 4% commission on each NFT distribution

  • Enterprise - $999/month and 1.5% commission on each NFT distribution

Uses of revenue:

  • 5% is for Combased Club - It is a closed community of members that contribute for the sake & growth of Combased.

  • 15% is for Combased CDO wallet - the Combased CDO wallet is distributed to Combased NFT holders.

  • 80% is for Combased - The company takes it to continue its activities and develop further.

Product: Fully decentralized NFTs marketplace


The fully decentralized NFTs marketplace is community-oriented and combines different blockchains. The marketplace will change the standards in the market by enabling decentralization and community involvement features.


  • Explore trusted by community NFT collections on multi-chains;

  • Buy or sell NFTs on the selected blockchain;

  • Earn from referrals by selling NFTs;

  • Implemented Web2 functionalities;

  • NFTs staking;

  • Enable aggregation of other Marketplaces in a kickback-free and affiliate-free manner for the community and for wider adoption of Web3.

Other important marketplace functionalities will be revealed soon.

Unique selling propositions

Combased has strong Web3 developers, business professionals, and a growing community. Each of them is a part of the Combased. Combased is already becoming well-known because of our ability to help Web2 framework-based eCommerce businesses by implementing NFTs. We claim that it will increase the awareness and social-proof of Combased as a company and that will lead to massive growth.


By combining different blockchains we create diversified interest in other blockchains which allow NFTs creators to gain visibility from people that are not in touch with the blockchain your collection is minted on. We believe that we will unite all blockchains that provide NFTs solutions.

Why our product?

These days some NFTs marketplaces are not fully decentralized or are not community-oriented. We claim that a Combased marketplace will be fully decentralized, with ground-breaking functionalities itself which you never saw before in any marketplace, will raise the standards of the NFTs market. We are creating not to be average in the market - we create to take over the market.


A 2.5% transaction fee selling NFTs in P2P Combased Marketplace.

Uses of revenue:

  • 5% is for Combased Club - It is a closed community of members that contribute for the sake & growth of Combased.

  • 15% is for Combased CDO wallet - the Combased CDO wallet is distributed to Combased NFT holders.

  • 80% is for Combased - The company takes it to continue its activities and develop further.

Product: Launchpad for existing NFT collections


A platform that allows creators, innovators, and organizations to launch their existing NFTs collections. With a few clicks, you'll be able to list your selected NFTs and randomly sell them to the community members.


Our platform solves a need for automated buying and selling features together with drawing randomly selected NFTs. It's just a few steps to complete to list your owned NFTs or NFTs collection into a single place and start random selling immediately.

Unique selling propositions

Launchpad provides a no-code experience to save time and money for NFTs owners. We use secure, trusted & tested solutions that allow us and NFTs creators to be safe and create a friendly experience for their buyers.


To those that don't want to list their NFT or NFTs collection on a regular peer-to-peer marketplace - it's a way to go. While holding various NFTs of different collections or being minted NFTs collection somewhere else we provide a platform that will allow you to sell your NFTs by selecting them randomly on a purchase flow. No more manual sending or boring seeking for "undervalued" NFTs.

Why our product?

Having the ability to list your owned NFTs on a regular marketplace is cool but to those innovators or organizations that hold a huge amount of NFTs, there are no other options to sell them. We are developing a launchpad that's unique and solves an issue in the market.


A 3.5% transaction fee for using the existing NFT collection launchpad.

Uses of revenue:

  • 5% is for Combased Club - It is a closed community of members that contribute for the sake & growth of Combased.

  • 15% is for Combased CDO wallet - the Combased CDO wallet is distributed to Combased NFT holders.

  • 80% is for Combased - The company takes it to continue its activities and develop further.

Product: Launchpad for new NFT collections


A platform that allows creators, innovators, and organizations to launch their NFTs collections. Even to those with small knowledge in development, minting, or creating NFTs it will be easy to go through and create a brand new collection, it's just a matter of ideas in your head.


Our platform allows users to mint NFTs, generate rarity, and suggest further steps. We will help you to understand each blockchain, its benefits & flaws, calculate possible gas fees, and share developed selling solutions.

Unique selling propositions

No more scrolling through the internet to find information related to development, minting & selling NFTs. Even to those without any knowledge, it will be easy to begin.


Launchpad provides all tools to get started in NFTs space from minting to generating rarity and finally listing on the marketplace. While most innovators face a brick wall when finding interest to launch their NFTs collection, we enable everything that's possible with further development sources.

Why our product?

Our launchpad might interfere with single developers and their need for small or even big NFTs collection owners cause we are giving all tools in the same place. We are oriented to help NFTs owners by providing a safe platform with all required tools to manage by yourself and be a real NFTs collection owner.


Minting on Combased existing NFT collection launchpad costs $0.3/unit, no less than 500 units.

Uses of revenue:

  • 5% is for Combased Club - It is a closed community of members that contribute for the sake & growth of Combased.

  • 15% is for Combased CDO wallet - the Combased CDO wallet is distributed to Combased NFT holders.

  • 80% is for Combased - The company takes it to continue its activities and develop further.

Services Combased provides

Combased also provides custom-based solutions for Web3 integration in Web2 based eCommerce businesses.

  • White-labeled NFTs distribution;

  • Blockchain consulting;

  • Custom NFTs staking solution;

  • Custom Smart Contract development;

  • Custom dApp development;

  • Marketing consulting;

  • UX/UI consulting;

  • Smart Contract auditing;

  • dApp maintenance.

Services monetization

Services have individual pricing because of projects and need complexity.

Uses of revenue:

  • 5% is for Combased Club - It is a closed community of members that contribute for the sake & growth of Combased.

  • 95% is for Combased - The company takes it to continue its activities and develop further.

Combased Core functionalities

We focus on creating Web3 based functionalities for our customers - both NFT artists and merchants. As one of the first players in this field, we comprehend our commitment to provide trusted functionalities and make timely improvements along the way. Below are some of the Combased core functionalities:

  • dApp based referral system;

  • Random NFT minter based on rarity;

  • Autonomous system for random NFT sales & distribution;

  • NFT staking functionality;

  • LKMEX distributor (Open-sourced);

  • NFT holding validator (Verifies NFTs duration in the wallets);

  • NFT rarity generator.

Market overview

Global E-Commerce Market To Expand By $7.385 Trillion By 2025

eCommerce has been the fastest-growing channel over the last decade, with the crisis accelerating such shifts. The global eCommerce market is expected to total $5.55 trillion in 2022. That figure is estimated to grow over the next few years, showing that borderless eCommerce is becoming a profitable option for online retailers.

Retail eCommerce sales worldwide, 2019-2025

NFT sales hit $25 billion in 2021

NFT sales volume totaled $24.9 billion in 2021, compared to just $94.9 million the year before.

Jefferies sees the NFT market reaching more than $80B in value by 2025

The bank raised its NFT market-cap forecast to more than $35 billion for 2022 and to over $80 billion for 2025, analysts led by Stephanie Wissink wrote in the published report.

Business Model

We are striving to help blockchain grow, however, we also have commercial intentions. All of the products we develop will generate revenue. We had to develop a unique business model that would make Combased sustainable and growing at the same time allowing investors to enjoy their investments flawlessly and most securely.

To ensure the sustainability of the Combased company we will constantly reinvest our revenue for further demanded products & functionalities development with the intention to scale the company.

We know exactly how to scale sustainably the Combased as a company by increasing the number of transactions per day in our products. Increasing the loyal customers of our products, in the same way, increasing the volume of transactions we will sustainably grow.

Our intellectual property is developed by people that get involved in the development of our products with signed NDAs. Everything that goes under the Combased trademarked brand will be treated as our own intellectual property. To protect our IP we won’t stop innovating & updating our products so we would always stay on top of the market against our competitors. In the process of development, we are tracking all of our steps, documenting and signing milestones that approve specific decisions made on mentioned dates. Also, as our products are automated and some of them are held on smart contracts, we are safe from being hacked.

Growth Model

To guarantee our further development, we have to steadily attract new clients and expand the community of blockchain developers. As our products are suitable for usage, we have developed a complex strategy to target diverse groups and marketing/sales channels.

Our primary focus areas will be:

  • Business Development;

  • Affiliate and referrals;

  • NFT Collection;

  • Partnerships/Collaborations;

  • Influencer marketing;

  • Early Adoption Incentives;

  • Combased Native Token.

Business Development. Most startups fail because of the lack of business development. Being focused on Combased business development, we strive to create processes that work smoothly and generate sustainable value. We save time by using automatizations and eliminating inefficient work. We always seek to attract new talents to our team to successfully grow.

Affiliate and referrals. The Combased team believes that affiliate and referral schemes are behind the fast expansion of wider cryptocurrency ecosystems and dApp solutions. Transparent affiliate campaigns help products to grow in popularity, so it continues to be one of the essential marketing strategies that attract new customers.

NFT Collection. Willing to launch successful products that will generate value for customers we also need to be in our customer's role. Combased NFT collection has 2 main intentions: increase Combased brand awareness by attracting an open-minded community including blockchain developers that would be willing to collaborate and the second intention is to discover all the details about launching NFT collection to make Combased able to implement necessary features in products.

Partnerships/Collaborations. Combased believes that alone you can't change the world, however, together we can. Seeking new partnerships and collaborating with other developers and enterprises in the blockchain industry we gain knowledge and in the same way, spread awareness of the Combased team that increases the value we produce.

Influencer marketing. In the crypto industry, influencers are the primary gateway to a greater reach of the targeted market, since trust is the industry's critical value. We intend to collaborate with influencers who have shown their integrity and knowledge of blockchain technology. These influencers often have a significant following and may influence a large number of their followers to utilize a variety of items.

Early Adoption Incentives. We recognize that to maintain Combased product's relevance we must never stop striving and caring for our clients. As a result, Combased will give early adoption incentives to customers that sign up before the general public. Being focused on NFT artists and merchants, we see that partnerships and integrations with existing and upcoming NFT Collections & eCommerce business will be one of our Combased driving forces. We will be dedicating part of the team of sales and business development people to reach as many NFT artists & eCommerce merchants as possible to start using Combased solutions.

Combased Native Token. The success of the Combased products is intended to have an influence on and generate interest in the Combased Native token. Combased native token is designed to be a key to our product use with discounts or even unlocked features. With a limited supply of tokens & increasing amount of products and features being built at the Combased, the token’s value will increase with time.


Q3 2021

Q4 2021

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

Use Case - Web3 functionalities in Web2 based eCommerce

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are going to be massively adopted in eCommerce. Web3 will be more and more implemented in Web2 because of its uniqueness. Blockchain use cases have been growing for the last decade, but the adoption of technology in 2021 is exponentially higher than the cumulative numbers for the last 10 years.

Web3, crypto, and NFTs are already impacting eCommerce, which is a development that will only accelerate. And as startups keep innovating at high speed, the use cases for blockchain keep expanding.

Let’s look at several real-world examples of how this impacts the eCommerce landscape:

  • Implementing Web3 in Web2 based eCommerce, businesses can improve many metrics of business performance such as customer lifetime value (CLV), conversion rate (CR), transactions volume (TV), return on investment (ROI).

  • Web3 is all about community. eCommerce brands can utilize NFTs to build a strong community. An online store that has a community can decrease the cost per acquisition and increase customer loyalty at the same time.

  • Access to exclusive deals. Having NFTs can provide customers the opportunity to access deals first.

  • Transparent manufacturing process. With the non-fungible tokens, any brand is able to prove products authenticity. Imagine having car keys for your physical car, except that keys are stored on the blockchain.


Use Combased at your own risk. We give no promises or guarantees, and we are not liable for your actions based on the information in this paper.

This document is for marketing reasons and does not legally bind us in any way. We do not advise you to invest anything or base your decisions on this content. It is written for marketing purposes only, and we accept no responsibility if you choose to act on it in any manner.

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